It's Important to know all of your options!

Sailfish Coastal Properties is not only an investor, but we also work with homeowners, investors, real estate agents throughout the country in order to offer a customized solution for you, the seller. Even if you've wondered "Who will buy my damaged house?" We will compare all of your options so you can decide what is best for you and your family. As Professional Property Buyers, we help you through the selling process all the way to the closing table. Here are a few facts and figures to consider.

Sailfish Coastal Properties doesn't charge you commissions or fees


Listing with an agent typically costs a seller 6% in commission fees.

We don't have a financing Contingency.


Up to 15% of traditional sales fall through due to lending issues..

We provide you and Immediate Cash Offer!


Properties can sit on the market for months before receiving an offer.

You set the closing date that works for you, sometimes even in as little as a week.


Banks need time to process, inspections/appraisals, 

it can take 30-90 days to close.

We Pay All Closing Costs!


Many Buyers ask for 2%-6% of closing costs, to be paid by YOU!

We don't need an appraisal.


Conventional, FHA & VA loans are often subject to an appraisal.

We come by and check out the property in ANY CONDITION! We don't judge.


Listed properties are expected to always be "Show Ready", as many times as needed.

We pay for all updates and repairs after we close, so you don't have to.


Often buyers ask for repairs and allowances during inspection period - costing you more money!